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Centro para le Defensa del Consumidor (CDC)

Sodium reduction in Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Guatemala

Status: Ongoing

Centro para la Defensa del Consumidor (CDC) seeks to promote physical and economic access to public services and essential goods for consumers, through citizen participation and its advocacy for strengthening economic and social rights in El Salvador and Central America.

As populations in Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guatemala have become increasingly urban, consumption of these high-sodium processed foods have also risen, increasing the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease. Policies that support lower sodium consumption, such as front-of-package warning labels, can lower high blood pressure and prevent deaths from cardiovascular disease. CDC received a LINKS grant, to reduce sodium consumption in Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guatemala by advocating for front-of-package warning labels on packaged foods. The program will design new front-of-package warning labels and collaborate with civil society coalitions to support policy change for the adoption of mandatory front-of-package labeling legislation in the three countries.

“Front-of-package labelling is a proven strategy to reduce sodium consumption and has demonstrated success in countries across Latin America – we can do the same in Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guatemala. Labels increase awareness to the danger of high sodium products and enable consumers to choose low-sodium foods for longer, healthier lives.”

-Danilo Pérez, President of Centro para la Defensa del Consumidor (CDC)