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Compañeros En Salud México A.C (CES)/ Partners in Health (PIH)

Improving hypertension care in Chiapas, Mexico

Status: Ongoing

Partners In Health (PIH) is an NGO operating in 11 countries and that provides a preferential option for the poor in healthcare. PIH/CES establishes long-term relationship with sister organizations and local governments to bring the benefits of modern medicine to those in need.

With the support of LINKS, CES/PIH will continue to transform care for hypertension and cardiovascular disease in Chiapas, Mexico. Since 2012, CES/PIH, in partnership with the Mexican Ministry of Health (MMOH), worked in the Sierra Madre of Chiapas to strengthen the health system and deliver comprehensive healthcare. Chiapas is among the poorest and most vulnerable in Mexico, where 76% (4.2 million) live in poverty and 30% in extreme poverty, with greater disparities among indigenous and rural populations (including CES/PIH catchment area). Operating in 10 health centers and a district hospital, CES/PIH supports the MMOH in providing care to a catchment area of over 100,000 people. CES/PIH aims to provide evidence for scalable interventions to improve clinical care and outcomes in Mexico and Latin America.

"Our communities in Chiapas see devastating [hypertension related] complications firsthand daily, with few options to address them within the healthcare system when they develop. Screening, management, and prevention of complications in hypertension care are not only feasible in the poorest parts of Mexico, they are a necessary pillar of the healthcare system worthy of investment and strengthening. As a physician working for a health justice-focused organization, and seeing the impact of disease on our patients and communities, there is no option but to work to end cardiovascular disease."

- Devin Worster, MD MPH, Coordinator, Noncommunicable Disease and Palliative Care