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The College of Health Sciences (COHS) at the University of Technology

Trans fat assessment in Jamaica

Status: Complete

The University of Technology seeks to positively impact Jamaica and the wider Caribbean through high quality learning opportunities, research and value added solutions to government, industry and communities. The College of Health Sciences was established to replace the School of Pharmacy and Health Science within the former Faculty of Health and Applied Science. The College offers a wide range of graduate and undergraduate courses to health professionals for the local, regional and global markets in areas and conducts research that will address/provide solutions to health care problems in the country and region.

With the support of LINKS, COHS will assess the amount of trans fat in spreadable fats, edible oils, cookie products, snacks, and fast foods from transnational and local restaurants and bakeries across Jamaica. The goal is to lay the groundwork for the development of trans fat national standards and policy in Jamaica.

There is little or no verifiable information on trans fat consumption at the individual or national levels. The LINKS grant will change that. With effective education and robust standards, a comprehensive policy and program will be developed in Jamaica that will be supported by regular monitoring, evaluation and appropriate regulation.”

-Professor Fitzroy Henry, Professor of Public Health Nutrition

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