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Weill Cornell Medicine and GHESKIO Centers

Blood pressure control for Haiti’s most vulnerable

Status: Ongoing

In partnership with the Ministry of Health in Haiti, Weill Cornell Medicine and GHESKIO Centers have a 37-year track record of high-impact public health programs using community-health interventions to improve the health outcomes of the poor. The world’s first institution dedicated to fighting HIV/AIDS, GHESKIO Centers operates a network of clinic across Haiti, and conducts research and training in HIV/AIDS and related diseases. After finding high rates of early-onset high blood pressure among 18- to 30-year-olds in a Port au Prince slum, GHESKIO Centers opened a cardiovascular disease clinic in 2015.

LINKS is supporting Weill Cornell Medicine and GHESKIO Centers to train physicians, nurses and health care workers in 30 health centers in the GHESKIO network on guidelines for high blood pressure care, and expand a community-based high blood pressure program. The project will also include strategic planning with the Haitian government to ensure a steady supply of hypertension medication.

“Cardiovascular disease is now the leading cause of death for adults in Haiti, far surpassing HIV and infectious diseases. Our patients are developing early-onset high blood pressure in their teenage and young adult years, which result in stroke and heart disease. To have the support for staff training, implementation, and strategic planning for high blood pressure for Haiti is phenomenal.”

Dr. Molly McNairy, Associate Professor at Weill Cornell Medicine and GHESKIO Centers, Haiti

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