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Indus Health Network-Global Health Directorate (IHN-GHD)

Free, quality hypertension care in Pakistan

Status: Ongoing

IHN-GHD is a not-for-profit organization that provides free, quality health care in all provinces of Pakistan. IHN-GHD includes secondary and tertiary health facilities, primary health centers and community-based interventions.

With support from LINKS, IHN-GHD will launch its first hypertension screening and treatment program at four primary care sites. The hypertension control program will be integrated within an existing non-communicable disease public health program.

“Every South Asian knows someone within their close family or network who has undergone a bypass surgery or died due to a cardiac arrest. This could be prevented if high blood pressure was caught at an earlier stage and appropriately managed. Receiving this grant is an excellent opportunity for us to integrate hypertension screening into our primary care programs. We will have the opportunity to offer screening to patients entering our health system, identifying high risk adults who may otherwise have been missed.”

Zara Ansari, Program Manager, Global Health Directorate, Indus Health Network

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