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Institute of Leadership and Development (INSLA)

Trans-fat (TFA) elimination in Ghana

Status: Ongoing

Institute of Leadership and Development (INSLA) seeks to stimulate discussions and actions that makes humanity and its environment more productive, safer and healthier. INSLA is a Founding Member and National Treasurer of Ghana NCD Alliance and Ghana Healthy Diet Alliance. INSLA is also a member of the Ghana Physical Activity Network, Framework Convention Alliance, Smart International, African Tobacco Control Alliance, Coalition on the Narcotic Control Law and Federation of CSOs on Sustainable Development.

With the support of LINKS, INSLA will conduct advocacy campaigns for the elimination of TFA, this project is premised on government's commitments. Ghana is commitment to taking measures to eliminate TFA by 2023. INSLA will create the support system to eliminate TFA, build the capacities of stakeholders including engagement meetings, media outreach and public events.

"WHO estimates that NCDs, including cardiovascular diseases account for an estimated 42% of total death and 31% of disease burden in Ghana. NCDs are projected to increase due to urbanization and unhealthy eating lifestyle. Available institutional data in Ghana suggests that several NCDs have been increasing, cardiovascular diseases account for 8.9% of institutional deaths. Ghana reported 1.38% proportion of Coronary Heart Disease Deaths (CHD) on the Global TFA Burden. Based on the above, INSLA was motivated to engage into advocacy campaigns to contribute in the prevention, control and management of cardiovascular diseases in the Ghanaian society through policy initiatives."

- Suleiman Yahaya, Communication’s Adviser