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Reconciliation and Development Association (RADA)

Salt content and food labeling analysis in Cameroon

Status: Ongoing

Reconciliation and Development Association (RADA) is a nonprofit that promotes community development by building bridges to sustainable solutions for challenges in health, education, agriculture, technology, and peace. RADA identifies specific areas that need prioritized attention and developing and implementing solutions that solve the problems.

With the support of LINKS, RADA will conduct a salt content and food labeling analysis of most consumed locally made and imported packaged food products in the Northwest and Centre Regions of Cameroon, design a Cameroon front of package warning label and Advocate for the adoption of a Cameroonian front of package labelling legislation. The ultimate results of this project will be a legislation adopted on food labelling in Cameroon by June 2022, as well as the establishment of a basis on which additional meaningful advocacy and other efforts on excess salt reduction can be implemented and measured.

"I think we have received an incredible opportunity to keep supporting Cameroon's action and create a positive impact in people's lives. For this, we are delighted and grateful. Everyone needs care, and it's the responsibility of everyone. This is also good news for NCD Civil society in Cameroon. Our government is very supportive as this is what they want of Civil Society - to take steps that accompany its plan, such as those in the health sector strategy and the drafted NCD Action plan, to promote health and well-being. The target to reduce NCD deaths by 14% by 2025, for example, cannot be achieved without practical efforts such as this and others."

- Ferdinant M. Sonyuy, President & CEO