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World Health Organization

Status: Ongoing

To support governments in strengthening CVD prevention and control, the first cycle of LINKS grants were awarded to ministries of health and WHO country offices dedicated to implementing the HEARTS, SHAKE, and REPLACE technical packages for hypertension control, sodium reduction and trans fat elimination programs respectively.

Kenya Ministry of Health

With the support of LINKS, Kenya Ministry of Health aims to train community and primary health workers on appropriate hypertension screening, linkage, diagnosis, care, follow-up, and data capture using Ministry of Health data tools with monthly reporting into a health program software.

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Ecuador (PAHO)

With the support of LINKS, PAHO-Ecuador will work to strengthen the technical and operative capacities of the Ministry of Public Health of Ecuador, to institutionalize the HEARTS initiative at a national level, with the objective to contribute to the reduction of early mortality due to cardiovascular causes and preventable complications.

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WHO Bhutan Country Office

The funds will be used to strengthen hypertension management in 29 health facilities in Bhutan by training health assistants in hypertension care, strengthening early detection, prevention and treatment, and improving the stroke registry.

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Rwanda Biomedical Centre

This project aims to improve hypertension control in four high-burden districts in Rwanda by optimizing services at health facilities and community outreach. Efforts included broadening the range of providers who can provide treatment and making health materials easy to understand for a population with limited literacy.

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WHO Timor Leste Country Office

With support from LINKS, this project aims to build capacity for healthcare providers in six municipalities conducted and extended to a minimum of two other municipalities and people with hypertension screened and provide treatment based on hypertension clinical protocol.

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