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Cameroon Baptist Convention (CBC) Health Services

Standardizing blood pressure control in Cameroon

Status: Complete

The Cameroon Baptist Convention (CBC) Health Services is a faith-based non-governmental organization that provides hospital and community-based health services through 83 health facilities in remote and urban settings. The Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) Prevention and Control Program (NCD-PCP) seeks to reduce preventable deaths and disability from NCDs through the creation of awareness, improving the knowledge on NCDs and providing access to, and conducting routine and opportunistic screening for diabetes, hypertension and obesity using a novel strategy called Know Your Numbers (KYN). KYN also offers targeted, individualized counseling on lifestyle modification and referral for repeat screening and confirmation of diagnosis for those with abnormal numbers.

With the support of LINKS, CBC Health Services aims to standardize hypertension care and specialist services in five main health service facilities, develop an electronic health management information system, and improve patient retention and care through clinic visits and community-based follow-up. The will also work with the Ministry of Public Health to endorse their protocol nationally.

“About one in five persons in Cameroon is hypertensive and just about one in 10 have controlled blood pressures (BP). The lack of a consensus hypertension management protocol which has resulted in the wide variability in treatment approaches, and treatment inertia contribute to the low BP control rates.”

Prof Pius Muffih Tih, Director, CBC Health Services

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