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Eastern Mediterranean Public Health Network (EMPHNET)

Integrating blood pressure control in primary care in Jordan

Status: Ongoing

EMPHNET is a public health network supporting more than 10 countries in the Eastern Mediterranean Region to build workforce capacity, strengthen public health systems and improve health outcomes.

With support from LINKS, EMPHNET will launch a blood pressure control program in 25 health care centers in Jordan, where nearly 1 in 3 adults has hypertension. The project builds off of EMPHNET’s ongoing work with UNICEF to strengthen primary care. EMPHNET will conduct an evaluation of the program and assess possibilities for scaling up.

"The burden of cardiovascular disease in Jordan is huge. About 36% of deaths in Jordan are due to cardiovascular diseases, and 34% of those are among people under the age of 60. Receiving the LINKS one-time grant will help the health system in Jordan implement best practices from the World Health Organization to control blood pressure. This project will also provide evidence for policy makers, so that we can work to scale up the intervention to the whole primary health care system.”

Dr. Yousef S Khader, EMPHNET

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