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International Institute for Legislative Affairs (ILA)

Effective trans fat regulation in Kenya

Status: Ongoing

ILA has more than ten years’ experience in policy research and advocacy on risk factors for noncommunicable diseases in Kenya, with particular expertise in tobacco control. ILA is a member of Kenya’s NCD Alliance, contributing to the group’s policy/legislation research and advocacy agendas. Currently, ILA also participates in Ministry of Health technical working groups to guide implementation of the national strategy on NCDs.

With support from LINKS, ILA will lay the groundwork for trans fat elimination advocacy, working with partners to conduct research on trans fat consumption and sources in Kenya, and assessing the current policy landscape. ILA will share results with stakeholders and the public, and will work with decision-makers to draft and advance effective trans fat regulations to protect Kenya’s 50 million residents.

“Cardiovascular disease causes 13% of deaths in Kenya. With this grant, we will be able to address the growing problem of diet-related risk factors, specifically the elimination of trans fat.”

Emma Wanyonyi, CEO of ILA.

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