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World Health Organization

Status: Ongoing

To support governments in strengthening CVD prevention and control, five LINKS grants were awarded to ministries of health and PAHO/WHO country offices dedicated to implementing the HEARTS, SHAKE, and REPLACE technical packages for hypertension control, sodium reduction and trans fat elimination programs respectively.

WHO Europe Office

With the support of LINKS, WHO Europe aims to reduce salt consumption in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia through estimating population salt intake, collecting data on the nutritional composition of selected food products with a focus on salt and trans fat, establishing national salt reduction targets, and implementing a national social media campaign to raise awareness about salt reduction.

WHO Kazakhstan Country Office

With the support of LINKS, WHO Kazakhstan aims to gradually reduce population salt intake in Central Asia though estimating population salt intake, implementing a multi-component, communication, and education campaign to raise awareness and change behavior, and promoting food reformulation and product improvement.

Malaysia Ministry of Health

With the support of LINKS, Malaysia Ministry of Health will comprehensively analyze salt levels in streets foods to inform mass media campaign messages, the urgency of mandatory sodium labelling legislation, and discussions to engage the food industry in improving healthiness of food supply.

WHO Sri Lanka Country Office

With the support of LINKS, this project aims to provide policy and technical support to the Sri Lankan government for engaging with the food industry on salt reduction, and for the development of food standards that promote healthy eating. These activities support the implementation of the country’s National Salt Reduction Strategy.

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